What do you get when you sign up for a Simple Review Funnel?

When you sign up we will create a dedicated mini-website for your business with a domain name that is unique to you. We will use a domain name that makes sense to your business. For example, if your company is called 'Cool Bob's Carpets', the URL for your Simple Review Funnels website might be

Having a dedicated website is an important part of the process - adding review links to your main website provides too many distractions.

Your Simple Review Funnel website has two simple buttons on it. Your customer is asked about their experience of your business. If they were happy with the service they click a button that takes them through to leave a positive review in the place that will have the biggest positive impact on your business. You will choose which review platform you wish to use during the signup process.

If your client or customers was not happy with their experience of your company they are taken to a complaint form. Their complaint is securely delivered to your inbox so you can resolve the issues before the person feels the need to leave a negative review.

What you need to do after signing up

Every time a customer buys something from you, or completes a deal you will ask them to visit your Simple Review Funnels website to leave a review. If you own an online business we recommend emailing customers with a personal request to visit the review site. If you run a 'bricks and mortar' business we recommend printing some cards that contain your business name and the address of your review site. We will send you simple instructions after you sign up.

Using Simple Review Funnels is very easy. But for your review funnel to really make a difference to your business it is important that you ensure your team members remember to ask your clients or customers for reviews and give them the URL of the Simple Review Funnel we will create for you.

The cost per Simple Review Funnel is £24.99 (ex VAT) per month.

There is no minimum contract length. We use the Moonclerk system to manage payments.

(you will be taken to Moonclerk to complete the signup process)

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