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Customer reviews are the lifeblood of business growth, but finding an easy way for your customers to leave positive reviews for your business can be a challenge. Potential customers make buying decisions based on how many good reviews you have, but do you know how to get good reviews?

Consumers use reviews to decide if making a purchase from you is the right thing to do. Market leaders like Amazon and Ebay have been using consumer reviews to drive huge sales figures for many years. But how can you leverage such a powerful marketing tool to develop your own business? We have an easy solution.

The biggest problem facing companies who want good reviews is trying to explain to customers how to give you good online reviews. If you were to ask your best and most loyal customer to leave you a review there’s a high probability that (no matter how much they love you) they’ll fail at the first hurdle.

We have the solution. We make it easy for your customers to leave the feedback that you need to grow. Our system nurtures good reviews and makes leaving good reviews incredibly simple.

Get good reviews, mitigate the bad reviews

We know you work hard to be the best, but sometimes no matter how hard you try you can’t please all the people all the time. So what happens when a disgruntled customer wants to tell the world about their negative experience of your business? If only there was a way to reach that disappointed customer before they decide to makes their perceived negative experience public. Now there is. The Simple Review Funnels system offers an easy way to fix problems with disgruntled customers before they are made public via a bad review.

Most consumers with a complaint just want to be heard. If you don’t listen then the problem grows until leaving a negative review may feel like your customers only way to air their grievances. Solving your customers’ problems before they go public could just be the smartest thing you can do for your company’s reputation. Reputation is everything.

Even if you are already suffering from the effects of bad online reviews Simple Review Funnels can mitigate the damage. With our help, you can boost the number of positive online reviews you have. The occasional negative review doesn’t look as bad if it’s countered by your many brilliant reviews.

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